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Sugar Flower Cake Shop has been given many challenges by our clients over the past year.  Storm Trooper?  Batgirl's Motorcycle?  No problem!  So, when the Barbarian Group asked us to replicate their logo on a cake, we thought "no problem"!  Could we do it without using fondant?  YES!  How's modeling chocolate?  They were psyched, so sent over a photograph.  It would be a lot of detailed work, but definitely no cause to put it into the "challenge" column...until they asked if we could made the cake 30" in diameter!?!?!?!?  

Sugar Flower Cake Shop 30 inch cake final decorations

OK, just for reference, 30 inches is roughly the size of a doorway.  How in the world are we even going to get this cake out of our shop??  The tape measure confirmed we had just enough clearance.

Then the real challenges begin:  we definitely don't have a 30" wide pan; the inside of the oven is only about 20" wide.  What is a baker to do??

Well, this baker happens to have a math background (if you don't know, I'm a former high school math teacher), so the geometry was pretty easy.  A round cake can be cut from a few rectangular sheet cakes placed side by side.  There would be some waste (which I hate), but extra cake around here rarely goes to waste (the neighboring offices are super happy to have our leftovers!).  I could even compute the surface area of this giant cake and figure out how much buttercream we would need to make.  Done!  What's next?    

Baking problem solved, but wait, will it even fit inside the refrigerator??  Nope.  Fridge is 54" wide, but only 27" deep.  We definitely need a little bit of chill time for the buttercream to set up before putting on the decorations.  Hmm...  Health code says that food needs to be kept at a temperature below 40 degrees.  Weather report?  Low 30's - yes!  Can we fit it on the balcony??  Dimensions?  Much bigger than 30" - yessss!   (I think I am the luckiest baker in all of New York City !)  With a little bit of draping to create an enclosure, we found ourselves a makeshift refrigerator.  Monitoring the outside temperature, we would be fine.

So, now, what in the world are we going to put this cake on?  Fortunately, I know a good contractor!  One call to Eddie and I had a masonite board to my specifications.  Love it!

OK, I think we are ready to take this challenge on.  Then, we got the call:  delivery is to the Bowery Hotel - we are using their upstairs space.  Ugh!  There's no freigth elevator to get to this space.  The cake would have to be carried upstairs!  Well, it's a good thing Lea and I are relatively strong (possibly more strong willed).  Having solved every other challenge, there was no way we weren't making this cake.  On arrival, we wheeled the cake to the bottom of the steps, took a deep breath and climbed, extremely heavy cake in hand, up two flights.

We had a ton of fun doing so, completely embraced all of the logistics and definitely ended up with happy clients.  The moral of this story?  PLEASE bring us your crazy cake ideas!  We love having fun stories to blog about....  "It's gonna be awesome!"

Sugar Flower Cake Shop 30 inch cake initial buttercreamSugar Flower Cake Shop 30 inch cake smoothing buttercreamSugar Flower Cake Shop 30 inch cake chocolate decorations

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