Wedding Cake Videos

Summer Scrolls Wedding Cake

Summer Scrolls Sugar Poppies
Ever wonder how to make sugar flower petals curve? Or how to mimic pollen…edibly? With just four pretty petals, sugar poppies are a simple yet versatile flower. In this video, Amy shows you: How to paint poppy petals, How to build your petals in graceful curves, How to join poppy petals—as in nature, How to manufacture realistic-looking pollen, How to activate floral tape, And much more! What’s up, Pop? Sugar poppies are some of the prettiest—and simplest—flowers in our garden of riches.


Summer Scrolls Garden Rose
With about two dozen petals each, sugar garden roses make a stunning statement. But how do you add all those flirty edges, then combine 24 petals—and keep them anchored and strong? In this video, Amy teaches you all of these things, plus: What to do with a ball tool, How to create a realistic-looking rose center, How to add small roses—for stunning variety, And much more! Splashy, over-the-top roses! A rose by any other name would still taste as sweet! Here’s how to make one of these natural stunners.


Summer Scrolls Parrot Tulips
Parrot tulips make intriguing sugar flowers. But they’re tricky to make and assemble: they’re crafted in layers, each of which mounts to the flower in a distinctive way. They’re also painted in layers. In this video, Amy shares each special technique, plus: How to build beautiful, balletic movement into each tulip petal; How to give the parrot tulip its distinctive, open structure; How to dry a parrot tulip—without allowing it to collapse; How to sculpt the pistol and stamens; How to make the leaves look realistic; And much more! Parrot tulips explode with color and intrigue. But they’re tricky to make and assemble. Check out our secrets!


Super Smooth Buttercream
It’s one thing to ice your cake casually. It’ll look textured, chaotic, and decidedly homemade. It’s another thing to remove all peaks, scraper marks, holes, and serrated edges—and present a camera-ready cake. Your guests will gasp…and wonder how you did it: especially in silky-soft buttercream. Step by step, Amy teaches you how to achieve that porcelain, wedding-perfect façade. Hint: it’s not a matter of running a spatula once along the sides and top of the cake. It happens in stages—and takes time, patience, and our tried-and-true technique. Buttercream is gorgeous, delicious…and challenging. Here’s how to ensure its grand entrance.


Stacking a Tiered Cake
It’s time to assemble your cake! Believe it or not, cake layers do not stay in place through sheer force of gravity. It’s an architectural endeavor—and requires support beams, fusing, and post-assembly repair (similar to caulking). Layer by layer, Amy assembles a six-tier cake—showing you our special tricks-of-the-trade. What goes up doesn’t have to come down! Especially not if you follow these architectural maneuvers for assembling your cake.


Transfer a Pattern for Piping
You’ve smoothed your buttercream icing, and assembled your cake. Now, it’s time to pipe the sides. In this video, Amy shows you how to create a pattern, then transfer it to your wedding cake—without disrupting the delicate buttercream. Don’t touch that buttercream! Well, not unless you’d like to add a piping pattern. We’ll show you how!


Decorating the Summer Scrolls Wedding Cake
The cake is baked—and looks scrumptious. The flowers are finished—and popping with color and detail. Now, it’s time to join the two—and transform your cake into a summer garden! This video shows you how to keep your flowers luscious, supported (don’t pull down your cake!), true to your vision, and camera-ready all night long. You can’t just stick your flowers on your cake. You’ve got to mount them carefully…making sure to keep the structure intact, and the best sides facing outward.


Winter Wraps Wedding Cake

Winter Wraps Sugar Anemone Flowers
Making an anemone look like nature’s own is one of the sugar flower maker’s greatest challenges. Anemone centers are intricate, the petals take different shapes, and assembly is specific. Once you master these tips, your cake can take on a stunning crown or bouquet. Give your cake a stunning crown or bouquet of bright, natural-looking anemones.


Winter Wraps Hydrangea
Hydrangeas are quick-blossoming “filler” flowers. Make them for fun, and then use them to make your cake full and rich—and to hide any tiny flaws. In this video, Amy teaches you how to form sugar hydrangeas quickly from a simple ball of gum paste and a wire. Your cake will blossom with these “fast-growing” sugar hydrangeas.


Winter Wraps Sugar Berries
Tiny, simple rounds of color can form the basis for dazzling sprays of sugar berries. Make your cake into an abundant berry farm—or just insert a berry spray here or there for a pop of color!


Creating Chocolate Cake Appliqués
Chocolate cake appliqués—beautifully shaped and textured—create stunning drama when set against lighter buttercream. In this video, Amy shows you how it’s done! These chocolate cake appliqués look dramatic—especially against a buttercream backdrop!


Making Double Height Tiers
Sometimes, your cake tiers just want to reach for the sky. Other times, you’ll want to vary their height—and maximize creativity and intrigue. As Amy demonstrates how to securely build tall tiers, we’ll pass on related tricks-of-the-trade, such as: How to keep the mounted cake from sliding, How to keep the top of your cake sharp and even, How to fill your cake tiers with smooth buttercream, And much more! Reach great heights in cake baking! Watch this video on getting your tiers to shoot for the moon (no less!).


Piping Dots
Tiny, beautifully piped dots of buttercream can pull your design together while subtly shielding any flaws. Use them to circle the base of each tier of your cake. Create pretty circles with beautifully piped dots of buttercream.


Decorating the Winter Wraps Wedding Cake
Your cake is baked, filled, stacked, iced, smoothed, dotted…and gorgeous. You’ve made your appliqués, flowers, and berry sprays, and have everything standing by for assembly. In this video, Amy shows you how to put it all together. We’ll learn mount your chocolate appliqués (and get them to stay), crown your cake with your flowers and berries, and finish with artistic touches that will keep your cake amazing from all angles and all heights (don’t forget the little ones!).